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We can customize to your unique application


One of the first decisions to make for any tag is will it be on paper or a synthetic stock. Generally paper is best for indoor applications and synthetic is best for outdoor, high heat, or very demanding applications. Either stock is available in coated and uncoated versions. Badger has the capability to slit our own roll stock which means we can buy in larger stock quantities and pass along those cost efficiencies. We have a variety of materials that will work in thermal, dot matrix, ink jet or laser printers and can be supplied preprinted or blank.

Our synthetic materials are designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding applications. These stocks are best suited for steel and related metal tags, nursery applications, sewn in tags for products from tents to clothing, sling tags, membership cards, and promotional items.  They are the best solution when strength is important and attachment integrity is essential. Some of the standard synthetic materials we use are Multi-Task®, Tundra®, Tyvek® and Valeron®.

When a tag needs to be used in high heat situations, then Nomex® or Igneous® are good options. Nomex® stock has a service temperature of 500° F while Igneous® can reach up to 480° F. They can also be written on, we can print a barcode on them, they remain a consistent color while going through high heat conditions, and they are thin and flexible.

One of the applications Badger created these high heat tags for was steel springs in mattresses. Other industries that could benefit from its use include heat-treating facilities, foundries, and steel/metal fabrication companies.

We carry 13 standard colors of our tag stock (lt. blue, dk. blue, lt. green, dk. green, pink, yellow, orange, white, red, buff, salmon, gray, lilac) as well as five daglo colors (pink, yellow, orange, green and red) and manila. You do have the opportunity to specify virtually any color stock and we will source it or we can tint to specific PMS colors as needed.

When it comes to ink colors, we can print from one to six spot colors or four-color process. Whether you need to print only one side, both sides or multiple pieces like on a manifold tag, we can work through the details.

Whether your application demands one of our standard size tags, or you need a custom size, we can handle your request. You may also download a Tag Size Guide to help with your size selection. 

For deeper information about our capabilities, go to our options or resources pages. For a quotation, call 1-800-331-4863, e-mail or visit our Contact Us form.

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