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Materials & Constructions

One of the first decisions to make for any label is will it be on paper or a synthetic stock. Generally paper is best for indoor applications and synthetic is best for outdoor, high heat, or very demanding applications. Badger has the capability to slit our own roll stock which means we can buy in larger stock quantities and pass along those cost efficiencies.

Badger works with synthetic pressure sensitive materials such as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl, along with a variety of other materials. They are designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding applications. Some great features are that they are UV stabilized, are waterproof and chemical resistant, and are puncture and tear resistant. We also carry materials that can withstand high heat situations. In addition, we can add a laminate to offer increased protection for your label.

We carry a wide array of adhesives to fit your needs, whether you are looking for a standard adhesive or something very unique. We offer adhesives ranging from ultra-removable to very aggressive permanent and everything in-between. We can assist you in finding the best material that will work for your application and can offer samples to make sure the adhesive will work for your substrate, whether smooth, curved, rough, “orange-peel”-like or any other surface.

We can preprint the stock to work in thermal, dot matrix, laser or ink jet printers or can convert blank stock for your in-plant use. Our label stocks come in white and we can floodcoat to specific PMS colors as needed. When it comes to ink colors, we can print from one to six spot colors or four-color process.

We have hundreds of die sizes you can choose from, or a die can be purchased to create the exact size label you are looking for.  

For deeper information about our capabilities, go to our options or resources pages. For a quotation, call 1-800-331-4863, e-mail or visit our Contact Us form.

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