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Tamper Evident

When you have the need to protect your items, we can provide an assortment of tamper evident label options.  Our void pattern adhesive is designed to leave the word “VOID” behind if the label is peeled away.  The VOID material is available in silver or white; however the label stock can be tinted any color.  The destructible material is a vinyl that literally falls apart if someone attempts to remove the labels.  We can also create custom security slits in a variety of materials.  These labels would also make it evident if someone tried to remove them from your asset.  All of these options leave behind evidence of tampering if removed.

We can also create tags or labels with transparent inks.  These help to guard against someone copying your tag or label.  This is especially useful for parking permits.  With any of these tamper evident options, we can help to customize with logos or colors.

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