August 22, 2016

LED Lighting Results in Many Benefits for Badger Tag & Label

Random Lake, WI -- Badger Tag & Label’s maintenance team, along with a local electrician, recently replaced all the fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs in their 30,000 square foot facility. The company is capitalizing on the trend of finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint, generating cost savings, and being better stewards of our environment. 

“We replaced a total of 407 fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs,” said Kevin Kalkofen, Vice President at Badger. “The annual savings in electricity alone will be over $10,000. Add the $1,500 in maintenance savings and that’s impressive for one facility. We had hoped to complete the replacement sooner, but LED technology has really come down in cost and there are more options now so we benefited by waiting a bit.” 

While the benefits of LED lighting are well known, the reasons Badger installed them include: while T8/T12 fluorescent bulbs are warranted for three years they commonly fail at about 2.5 years. In contrast, LED bulbs come with a five year warranty and are expected to last 80,000 hours. 

LED bulbs emit light in a 110 degree field vs. the 360 degrees of fluorescent so 70% instead of only 30% of the light hits the intended target. Devoid of mercury, LED bulbs don’t require special handling for disposal and don’t contribute to toxic waste in landfills. Instead of using heat to generate light as fluorescent does, LED uses energy to produce light so Badger will save on air conditioning costs as well. 

“Our employees on the pressroom floor are already commenting that there seems to be consistent, uniform light levels throughout the building. And since LED replacement bulbs better represent sunlight, the tags and labels we print are viewed in optimum light level for color accuracy,” said Kalkofen. 

Badger Tag & Label Corporation produces tags and labels for customers throughout the nation. Based in Random Lake, Wisconsin, the company is a third-generation, family owned, privately held business that began in 1935. Badger prints flexographic and letterpress methods on paper and synthetic stocks and delivers the finished pieces in singles, rolls, sheets, ganged, or fanfolded. They also have UV digital printing capabilities for production of short run and specialty projects. With a variety of finishing options, Badger provides a custom piece from initial design and development through final delivery. 

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