August 20, 2003

Electronic Imprintable Tags and Labels Enhance Corporate Image While Saving Money

Random Lake, WI -- Badger Tag & Label Corporation is focusing on the ever-changing needs of industry by offering tags and labels that allow companies to enhance their corporate image and save money. They do this through their custom electronic imprintable tags and labels. While traditional tags and labels will always remain a part of business, Badger early recognized the benefits electronic imprintable pieces would bring to the market.

The primary benefit of an electronic imprintable tag or label is that a company can reduce the inventory carried of different tags and labels. An end-user can carry one tag or label with their corporate information and then imprint specific details about the item it is being attached to using a laser, thermal, inkjet, or dot matrix printer.

Badger can print on a wide array of paper and synthetic stocks. They print both letterpress and flexographic from one color up to seven different colors, including four- color process. With the option to add UV coating in spot locations, tags and labels remain imprintable in areas on them that can be custom designed for the end-user. The tags and labels are provided in rolls, fanfolded, singles or on sheets depending on final use.

With a variety of features to specify including wiring, stringing/looping, lamination or self-lamination, reinforced holes, diecutting, scoring, perforation, and numbering, Badger is capable of developing custom tags and labels that address virtually any application.

"Previously the opportunity to promote a company brand or image was lost when a barcode was to be included on a tag or label," says Bob Thiel, president of Badger Tag & Label. "With thermal imprintable, we can imprint the barcode, including consecutive numbered codes, and also print a company's identity to create a high quality label or tag that still allows the flexibility to imprint specific information at their location."

Badger also sells both black and color ribbons for electronic imprinting machines. Their knowledge in this area allows them to better understand all the details their clients consider when imprinting the tags and labels they supply. Additionally, Badger offers standard stock tags and labels for electronic imprintable machinery.

Badger Tag & Label Corporation has been producing custom tags and labels since 1935. Headquartered in Random Lake, Wisconsin, they serve clients throughout the nation. They work with both paper and synthetic stocks and deliver the finished pieces in rolls, sheets or fanfolded. With a variety of finishing options, Badger provides a custom piece from initial design through complete printed tags and labels.

For more information about electronic imprintable tags and labels, including a free sample, call Badger Tag & Label at 1-800-331-4863 or e-mail:

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